is the loveliest time to write

There is something about it, that understands me, feels me, sees me.

The darkness outside my windows, the possibility of anyone looking in, seeing me sat at this tacky granite table typing my life away.

The hum of my fridge seems louder than usual, it overrides the soft sweet tunes sent to me by an ex friend, classmate, douche bag.

I am reminded of 12am fireworks with lost friends and 3am kisses with never gonna happens.

I am lost in thought, translation, myself.

My lists are becoming more erratic, unpredictable, inconsistent, as i am forcing to keep my eyes on this too bright screen.

Hot chocolate sinks into my skin, cells, veins as the charge light flashes in the right hand corner, letting me know this time is short, sacred, untouchable, and yet, fleeting.

1am is an important time to write. it is the time when all my thoughts are jumbled and clear, where past regrets and future hopes are blended into one.  


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