My house is currently disgustingly hot.

I’m trying to pack everything because we move at the end of the week but sweat is dripping down my forehead and my thighs are sticking together.

I can’t put my feet under the covers because they’re too hot.
Or have them out because I will most definitely get murdered or something for that.

I can’t have my hair up because the heat all sticks into the middle of my pony tail and my hair starts to grease up.
I can’t have it down because they tickle my neck and I swear to fucking god it feels like fingers.

The lights make me too hot.
The dark makes me too scared.

I am too hot to sleep.
Too tired to be awake.

I’m too stressed to focus.
Too exhausted to care.

I am too me to be who I want to be.
I am who I want to be, if only I wasn’t me.

I feel tired and hot and sticky and gross and exhausted and violated and settled and calm and hectic and everything else that makes no fucking sense.

I start a new job tomorrow.
I should sleep.

Goodnight blog, sorry for the ramble.

xx space cadet


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