A man is the sum of his experiences


Do you remember discovering something wasn’t real for the first time?

Deciding that there was not god because who, in their right mind, would let a child lose their innocence before they have a chance to experience it

Discovering there was no Santa because your parents argued about who would drink the milk, outside your bedroom door, aged seven.

Giving up on true love before 15 because the musician you’ve lusted over for three years got married and you cried whilst watching NCIS after reading the tweet.

Do you remember figuring out that the world was against you because of the genitals you were born with. That the wage gap still existed and you would never get to be the tough kid your dad wanted, simply because he would never see you like that.

Have you realised yet that the messages you read through your teen years, the ones that made your heart beat faster and your cheekbones feel the heat, will be gone when the fuck boys become men.



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