To the mum who lost her title. 

A mother has two main meanings. 

The noun is defined as the woman in relation to the child or children she gave birth to.

But the verb defines mother as to bring up a child with care and affection. 
I will never deny you having done both of those things. You will always be mother. That’s a title you cannot lose. You never made me feel unloved and you certainly birthed me.
The title you have lost is as my mum. 

I don’t think google can define that word so easily for me. It literally says ones mother but a mum is so much more than that. 
A mum is the one who will make me shower and get of bed after my first heart break.

She will not tell me that she wishes it hurt more so I understood how she felt. 
A mum is someone who will encourage me to push forward in my life, go to university, move out, believe in me. 

She wouldn’t tell me that the thought of me leaving makes her want to kill herself. 
A mum will pick up the phone and listen when her kid has had a hard day at work. She’ll see those emotional posts and call and let you rant until you can’t breathe anymore. 

A mum will not stop you after the first sentence and remind you that your pain is nothing compared to hers. She will not belittle you. 
A mum should make you feel safe and secure. 

She shouldn’t stalk you through the streets of you own town, stopping her car to watch till you’re out of sight. Standing outside your work looking like a kicked puppy while you try and move on. 
A mum is so many things that you’re just not to me anymore. 

And some of that is because I pushed you out while I tried to fix myself. 

And some of that is because you will never admit that you need to fix yourself. 
You will always be my mother and I will always respect you for all you have done to me. But the person you now are is not the same as a mum and I don’t think it’s a title I can ever forgive you for dropping. 


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