is this a bad idea?
(breathe in)
(breathe out)
yes. definitely.
but being held again, even if only for a night, feels so darn good.
being lost in him, and being allowed to be lost in him.
don’t say this aloud, you are not allowed.
his hand is scooping circles out of your back.
he’s taken away your breath.
(breathe in)
he’s making you shake.
(breathe ou- no, not happening, try again)
his whispers are hot on your face,
his breath is in your mouth.
(breathe in)
he’s saying he is okay,
he’s asking if you are.
the tent is too small.
(breathe out)
it sounds like a sigh, like a huff
like a ‘dumb question’, because it is.
because you are so unbelievably beyond okay.
because you can finally relax,
because you can give in.
(breathe in)
(breathe out)
lean in



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